Honorary Fellows

The Ancient India & Iran Trust also appoints distinguished scholars who operate in the fields that the Trust covers, and who have built up a close connection with the Trust.

The following scholars are currently connected to the Trust as its Honorary Fellows:

Professor Gerard Fussman (Professor of Indian History, College de France, Paris)

Professor Prods Oktor Skjærvø (Aga Khan Professor of Iranian, Harvard)

Professor Robert Hillenbrand (Honorary Professorial Fellow, Edinburgh)

Professor Minoru Hara (Emeritus Professor of the International College of the Advanced Buddhist Studies, Tokyo)

Professor Anna Dallapiccola (Honorary Professorial Fellow, Edinburgh)

The late Professor Mary Boyce, Ralph Pinder-Wilson, Professor Gherardo Gnoli (Professor of Zoroastrianism, University of Rome, Rome) and Professor Werner Sundermann (Professor of Iranian, Freie Universität, Berlin) were also Honorary Fellows of the Trust.