Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs 9am-1pm; Friday 9.30am-1.30pm; afternoons by appointment only

Librarian: email; phone: 01223 702095

HWB_REE_Aug1978Professor Bailey in his study, August 1977

Founded in 1981, the Trust’s greatest asset is its library, a unique independent resource for research in the fields of the cultural heritage of ancient South,  South East and Central Asia, Iran and the history of the Indo-Iranian languages. The Library comprises mainly the personal collections of Professor Sir Harold Bailey (Indo-Iranian studies, Central Asian studies, and Armenian and Caucasian); Professor Joan van Lohuizen (South and South East Asian art and archaeology) and Drs. Raymond and Bridget Allchin (South Asian archaeology). It also includes smaller collections of Professor Mary Boyce (Zoroastrian studies), Professor Charles Bawden (Mongolian studies), Ralph Pinder-Wilson (Islamic art and architecture), and Professor Gregory Possehl (South Asian archaeology) as well as recent acquisitions in the same fields.

The Trust’s printed collections number about 30,000 books, all of which are included in the Cambridge University Library catalogue.  Additionally the Library includes a collection of individually catalogued offprints containing over 20,000 separate items.

Photographic collections
In addition to printed resources, the library  includes the photographic collections of  Penelope Chetwode (Betjeman), J. C. Harle J. van Lohuizen and Professor Howard Wilson. The Howard Wilson archive on SriLanka can be explored in an especially dedicated online database.

H-S60Glass negative from the Betjeman collection

Manuscripts and archives
Further library resources include a small collection of oriental manuscripts, Sir Harold Bailey’s working papers and correspondence, Professor Van Lohuizen’s working papers and other archival materials. It also includes Sir Harold and Professor R. E. Emmerick’s photographic collections of Central and South Asian manuscripts.

Visiting the library
The library is reference only. It is open Mon-Thurs 9am-1pm, Friday 9.30am-3pm, and afternoons by appointment only. All are welcome. If you wish to visit the library for the first time, please email or phone either the Librarian (01223 702095) or the Administrator (01223 356841) for an appointment. You will be asked to bring identification and a letter of introduction, to complete an application form and to sign the visitors book on each subsequent visit.