India Iran 11

Sir Harold Bailey also collected manuscripts, acquired mainly in the late 1930s and 40s. There are 134 in all. The largest and most important group are Persian, of which Dr Maria Szuppe has made and published a systematic hand-list. Probably the most important single manuscript is an illuminated copy of the Shah Namah of Firdawsi, made in Samarkand in 1604 AD. Two other important Persian manuscripts (the Mathnawi of Jalal-ud din Rumi, 1273 AD, and the Diwan of Hafiz, 1289 AD) are also in course of conservation, thanks to a grant from another source.

Brief Miscellany for the needs of Philologists

The second interesting collection of Bailey manuscripts consists of 12 Armenian books, with original bindings. Several are illustrated with beautiful miniature paintings. From India there are also a number of palm-leaf manuscripts in Oriya and Sinhalese scripts, and Sanskrit manuscripts on paper in Devanagari script. Finally there are a few isolated manuscripts in Arabic, Turkish, Malay and Mongolian

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