Photo Archive

Shrine of the Bodhi Tree_Anuradhapura_HWThe Ancient India and Iran Trust possesses a unique range of photographic collections, containing over 60,000 images. Amongst these are the art history slides and photographs of Dr James Harle, an extensive collection donated from the estate of Penelope Chetwode (Betjeman), documenting her travels in India over the last century, and a vast collection of slides, photographs, transparencies and well documented negatives bequeathed by Professor Johanna van Lohuizen.

In more recent years we have been fortunate to receive a very fine collection of over 25,000 slides and photographs belonging to the late Professor Howard Wilson, as well as the photographic archive of Drs Bridget and Raymond Allchin, covering the Allchins’ archaeological activities in South Asia since 1951.

Low Country painting-HW

In addition, the Trust houses Mary Boyce’s collection of Zoroastrian slides and photographs, consisting of around 400 colour slides and 1000 black and white prints and negatives from the same period.

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