REMINDER: Friday 27th November – Robin Ackroyd will speak on Mongol nutag, Chingisiin Ongon – Mongolian homeland, Genghis Khan’s tomb

Lecture Reminder:

Friday 27th November

Robin Ackroyd will be at the Trust speaking about:

Mongol nutag, Chingisiin Ongon – Mongolian homeland, Genghis Khan’s tomb

Robin Ackroyd travelled extensively on horseback in northern Mongolia during an independent research expedition to reach remote locations that may harbour one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time – the secret tomb of Genghis Khan. In this illustrated talk, based on his new book about his journey, Robin will describe how he trekked, with his five horses, into wilderness once frequented by a young Mongolian called Temüjin – the future world conqueror – and to where, ultimately, his secret tomb may be located. He was accompanied for several hundred kilometres of his arduous journey by a loyal dog whom he named Spirit.

Robin Ackroyd qualified as a journalist in the UK and worked for local, regional and national newspapers before going freelance. He has worked as a news reporter, investigative journalist, and crime correspondent. He is a member of the Society of Authors, and the National Union of Journalists. His new book Genghis: Sacred Tomb, Secret Treasure has just been published.

5.30pm. Refreshments from 5pm. All welcome.

REMINDER – Cambridge University Wright Lecture Series: Dr Miklós Sárközy – 13 November – 17:30, FAMES Cambridge


Personal Identity and Oriental history: Arminius Vámbéry at the
crossroads of identities

by Dr Miklós Sárközy, Institute of Ismaili Studies

Friday, November 13, 2015 – 17:30 Room 8&9, Faculty of Asian and
Middle Eastern studies, Sidgwick Avenue, CB3 9DA

Arminius Vámbéry the Hungarian-Jewish explorer and Orientalist had a
really adventurous life. Completely self-taught in science, Vámbéry was a close ally of British and Ottoman political circles as well as an expert of the Muslim world.He set out for his world-famous trip at the end of 1861. Disguised under the name of Rashid Efendi, the most challenging part of his travels occurred in 1863, when Vámbéry travelled through Central Asia.

In later times Vámbéry became professor and founding father of Oriental studies in Hungary. However his activities stretched beyond the borders of his homeland and he became an omnipresent personality between London and Constantinople till his last days. As far as the representation of the diverse identities in Vámbéry’s deeds and thoughts is concerned, one can see a four-part system ruling the main narrative of Vámbéry’s life. Vámbéry’s pragmatic approaches, skills of self-adaptation and adoption of different conditions made his character really unique throughout his whole life.

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Cambridge Lectures in Islamic Art – Christiane Gruber, 19 November 5.30pm, Pembroke College


Friday 6 November, 5.30pm: Cameron Petrie – Land, Water and Settlement and the Indus Civilisation. Ancient India and Iran Trust, Cambridge

Lecture Reminder:

Friday 6th November, 5.30pm

Cameron Petrie (Cambridge) will speak on:

Adaptation to variable environments, resilience to climate change; Land, Water and Settlement and the Indus Civilisation

Cameron Petrie is Senior Lecturer in South Asian and Iranian Archaeology in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge. His archaeological research has predominantly been carried out in Iran, Pakistan and India, and in this lecture he will present the results of the Land, Water and Settlement project (2008-2014) and introduce the ERC funded TwoRains project (2015-2020).

All welcome. Refreshments from 5pm.

Ancient India & Iran Trust
23 Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge CB2 8BG

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Wright Lecture Series: Dr Miklós Sárközy – FAMES, Cambridge – 13 November, 5.30pm



Cambridge Lectures in Islamic Art 2015-16, Pembroke College Cambridge



Harold Bailey Lecture – 16 December 2015, FAMES

Harold Bailey lecture_Dec2015_FAMES


Cambridge Lectures in Islamic Art – J M Rogers: 29 October, Pembroke College, Cambridge



Michaelmas Term Lectures at AIIT

Michaelmas Term Lectures 2015


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