RAS Sinor Gold Medal for Inner Asian Studies 2016 awarded to Nicholas Sims-Williams

The Royal Asiatic Society have announced that the triennial Denis Sinor Gold Medal for Inner Asian Studies will be presented to Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams in 2016.

Professor Sims-Williams is Research Professor of Iranian and Central Asian Studies at the Department of the Languages and Cultures of Near and Middle East, SOAS, whose research interests include Iranian and Central Asian philology, and Christian and Manichaean texts from Central Asia. He is Chair of the Ancient India and Iran trust in Cambridge.  The Royal Asiatic Society says: “The Society is pleased to be able to honour the contribution that Professor Sims-Williams has made to Inner Asian Studies by the conferment of this medal”.

The Sinor Medal was inaugurated in 1993 thanks to a generous  endowment by Professor Denis Sinor, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Central Asian Studies at Indiana University and a tenured lecturer at Cambridge University between 1948 and 1962.  He was one of the world’s leading scholars for the history of Central Asia.


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