Music of the Uzbeks of Northern Afghanistan, Friday 28 November, 5.30pm, AIIT, Cambridge

Fri 28th November, 5.30pm

Razia Sultanova will screen and discuss her film

Music of the Uzbeks of Northern Afghanistan

For the last thirty years the on-going war in Afghanistan has thrown the country into a deep economic, social and cultural crisis. Since the 1970s the country has lived through a number of invasions and conflicts which have brought chaos and turmoil to the daily life of its people. Afghan society is multi-ethnic in its nature: the aim of this 34 minutes film, based on Dr Sultanova’s original video recordings from Northern Afghanistan, is to demonstrate the authenticity as well as the historical development of the phenomenon of music within the Uzbek communities, featuring acclaimed musicians such as Usto Kamolliddin, Tadj Muhammad, Sabzygul and others.

Dr Razia Sultanova is the Director of the Centre for Central Asian Music at the Cambridge Central Asia Forum, University of Cambridge. A graduate of the Uzbek State Conservatory and the Moscow State Conservatory, she has taught musicology and ethnomusicology at the Uzbek State Conservatory, Moscow State Conservatory, University of London ( at Goldsmiths College and at SOAS), and currently at Cambridge University. She is an expert on Central Asian musical traditions in theory and practice and over the last twenty years she has been conducting intensive fieldwork in all of the Central Asian republics, Caucasus, Afghanistan, Turkey, publishing articles in English, German, French, Chinese, Russian and Uzbek. Her performing repertoire focuses on Uzbek female folk music traditions.

Ancient India and Iran Trust
23 Brooklands Avenue
Cambridge CB2 8BG
Tel: 01223 356841

Refreshments from 5pm. All welcome


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